Your Business Growth Plan Made Simple

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November 11, 2012

If your business is like most businesses, approximately 50% of your people’s time is spent doing things that have little or no impact on your desired results.

You’d be better off sending your people home for half a day… You’d save on payroll, reduce your headaches and your people would have more fun.

How can you expect your people to be in the game when they don’t understand the game plan?

Unfortunately, 88% of businesses also lack an effective plan to grow their enterprise. Gallup reports that 70% of the workforce is not engaged or actively disengaged, they’re simply putting in their time or worse yet, destroying their organizations and the people around them.

So why is this happening? Because most businesses don’t benefit from a simple business plan.

Why don’t companies have a clear plan? Frankly, it’s easier to just let things happen and hope for the best. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, we all face immense challenges.

Life and business are increasingly complex. We are dealing with more information and more demands on our time than ever before.The number of choices we’re facing is overwhelming. Many of us feel paralyzed.

Yet, without decisive and confident leadership, businesses end up wandering aimlessly. Most businesses end up reactively responding to whatever comes their way rather than proactively envisioning and planning for their better future.

You’ve heard the saying, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail…”

And for those companies that are planning, they face an entirely different set of problems – most plans take too much time, cost too much money, engage too few people in the process and end up sitting on a shelf with little impact on organizational performance. 

Think about your business? Imagine the positive impact to your bottom line if you were able to generate a business plan within an hour that gets everyone on the same page.

And now you can! Joe Calhoon and the team at 1Hour2Plan, have created a simplified on-line planning process that helps you clarify your direction and take immediate action to move you and your team forward. It’s fast, affordable and effective. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

In about an hour, this on-line planning tool will help you achieve fast- focus as you develop a business growth plan that fits on a single sheet of paper.

Let me say that again, in less time than most people talk about the need for a plan, you can actually develop a clear and compelling plan to grow your business.

The system is easy to use, self-paced and even includes an exclusive video library packed with best practices and examples from 26 years of helping organizations grow. See the surprising progress you can make in about an hour. Stop wasting time and your valuable resources. Get started on your business growth plan now!

Have questions? Need business growth planning advice? Let’s continue the conversation. Leave a comment below, post on my Facebook page, or Tweet me @JoeCalhoon.

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