The Remarkable Business Growth Story
of Cornerstone Painting & Coatings

It's so simple!

When Raymond Kummer, owner of Cornerstone Painting & Coatings, and I met in Denver, Colorado on February 21, 2014, a mutually beneficial relationship began. I had never seen such a well-read copy of The 1 Hour Plan for Growth.” The book was riddled with sticky notes, dog-eared pages and highlighted passages. Raymond had done his homework.

Six months later:  Raymond is now an diligent practitioner of our proven leadership and business growth system, PriorityAdvantage™.

Raymond Kummer

The result? Raymond’s team is on the same page, achieving and celebrating progress like never before.

The bottom line? Last year, Cornerstone Painting & Coatings did just under $3 million in revenue. This year, they’ve already exceeded last year’s revenue, and are on track to do over $6 million.

Here are Raymond’s thoughts on:

  • PriorityPlanning™: “It’s so simple, yet we’ve made it so complicated!”
  • PriorityAchievement™: “My team is experiencing a sense of satisfaction from accomplishing their priorities. The buy-in keeps building momentum.”
  • PriorityRenewal™: “I’ve learned how to slow down and celebrate our achievements. I’m seeing people come alive with the knowledge that they’re truly valued!”