For Business Growth and Leadership Development

“In God We Trust—all others, bring data!” This quote from a trusted colleague illustrates the immense value of assessment tools.

With data, you are quickly and cost-effectively able to:

  • Measure your organizational health
  • Assess each leader’s effectiveness
  • Identify individuals’ strengths
  • Measure your customer satisfaction

√ Organizational Health Assessments (OHA)

We developed a proprietary, survey-based Organizational Health Assessment for clients who need to dig deep and create lasting improvement. The survey gathers and reports data related to the six capacities of high-performing organizations. We design, administer, compile, analyze, and debrief the results with strategic recommendations.

√ Leadership Assessments

Our Leadership Assessments identify the issues facing your leaders to help them improve their leadership effectiveness. The survey gathers and reports specific data related to the six capacities of high-performance. Personal coaching with the development of a Leadership Action Plan is included.

√ Strengths Assessments

Strengths Assessments reveal how the members of your team get their best results—and how to work with each other more effectively. The results from the Assessment don’t concentrate on weaknesses to overcome, instead, strengths that can be understood, maximized and celebrated.

√ The 3-Question Customer Satisfaction Survey

In less than three minutes, your customers can give the most valuable feedback for your business, and you get a written report with verbatim customer comments.


I1Hour2Plann addition to these four online assessment tools, you and your team are able to collaboratively plan online with guidance from experienced consultants.

Many businesses have used with The 1 Hour Plan For Growth (published in 2012 by Wiley and Sons) to develop a clear and compelling business plan.

We use and The 1 Hour Plan For Growth as pre-work for our PriorityAdvantage™ business growth projects.