Keys to the Day-to-Day Discipline
of Managing Time and
Getting Your Most Important Work Done

So, you’ve built your plan. And you’ve identified your high-leverage priorities and projects. But nothing happens until you implement that plan, and work those priorities. Here’s what’s next.

PriorityAchievement™ is the second step in the PriorityAdvantage™ system, and includes five basic steps:

  1. Prioritize! – Focus on your most important projects and priorities. By focusing on achieving your most important priorities, you maximize professional and personal results.
  2. Define Action Steps – Create Action Steps. Take one step at a time. Enjoy the journey.
  3. Get Unstuck – Sometimes we get stuck. What do we do then? Managers and co-workers can help us identify the issue and take appropriate action.
  4. Define Achievement Cycles – High-performing teams are strengthened as they define, achieve, and celebrate priorities in on a regular basis (usually monthly).
  5. Achieve Together – Different people with different strengths achieve different results in different ways. Celebrate your results together and watch the positivity enhance how your people relate, grow and achieve together.

Focusing on your priorities, defining the action steps, tracking results, always moving forward, celebrating achievements and developing strong leadership will give your organization a system to grow and flourish.

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