A Proven System to Develop your Leaders

Developing more effective leaders requires three things:

  • A desire to learn
  • A belief that leaders are made, not just born
  • A proven system to drive meaningful change

Here’s the brutal reality. Failing organizations have one thing in common: the leaders aren’t teachable.

In contrast, successful organizations continuously improve the character, competence and chemistry of their leadership team.
A team like that can move mountains!

LeadershipAdvantage™ teaches proven principles and practices based on timeless wisdom. Participants discover truths, dialog with others about those truths, and develop an action plan to apply those truths.

Leadership development is not an event—it requires adult learning, spaced repetition and positive reinforcement.

Gone are the days of sending your leaders off to a full-day workshop that dumps data into their brains. They gather data, then, inevitably, do a “data dump” when they leave the room. In today’s competitive environment, organizations require development that’s laser-focused, produces action and, ultimately, improves results. Our system relies upon our proven, proprietary curriculum, delivered through master facilitation, supported by scheduled development workshops and positive reinforcement.

LeadershipAdvantage™ is a proven way to take your leaders to their highest levels of capacity and contribution.

LeadershipAdvantage™ offers a range of more than 20 leadership development topics–designed to build the strengths of your leaders and make habits out of time-proven principles.

If your organization has a specific leadership challenge, solutions are also available. With more than 60 years of combined leadership development expertise, we’re ready to help you meet your challenges. You’ll see the results, from the top of your organization, to your bottom line.

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