Joe Calhoon, CSP


Keynote Speeches that Entertain, Educate and Inspire

Are you looking to harness the passion and entrepreneurial energy of your team? Joe Calhoon, Certified Speaking Professional, offers the practical content and engaging experience that you need to take your event to the next level.

Drawing on his experience with hundreds of organizations, Joe delivers high-quality presentations that both inform and entertain.

Each presentation is customized to focus on your unique challenges and opportunities. Joe’s keynote speeches stand out because he gets to know your organization first. He’ll spend time interviewing leaders, understanding your team’s goals, and/or conducting his own “Organizational Health Assessment.”

Joe doesn’t talk at you. Instead, he works with you to develop and deliver a message that impacts people long-term, using memorable stories and timeless truths to address the professional and personal aspirations of your team.

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“Joe Calhoon’s presentation at this year’s Leadership Conference had a great effect  on everyone present.  We all learned how to be more effective in our work lives and in our personal lives… Joe did his homework, customized his program to meet our needs, connected with our 200 leaders, and delivered valuable content with a highly engaging style.”

Robert C. Rowe
President and Chief Executive Officer
NorthWestern Energy

“He made our people laugh. He touched our people’s hearts. But most importantly, he made our people think about the tremendous blessings and parallel responsibilities that come as citizens of these United States. To whom much is given, much is required. Joe hit a grand-slam home run. I  highly recommend Joe Calhoon. Call me…”   

Quint Thurman
University of the Southwest

“Joe is my champion.  He lives from his heart with a great deal of passion and purpose.  His transparency and willingness to change inspires others to do the same. ..Joe is also very intense and can be difficult to live with at times.  Please hire him so we can get a break around here!”

Diane Calhoon
Joe’s Wife