Insights on Planning by Stephen R. Covey

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April 11, 2012

Most business people find themselves extremely busy, yet unproductive. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day work, work really hard, and still miss the mark. Satisfied

customers, engaged employees, and prosperous owners don’t happen by chance. You must have a plan. So, why don’t people plan? Maybe it seems too difficult or time-consuming.

That’s the beauty of this book—it makes planning simple and fast. In an hour or so, you can create a draft of your Business Growth Plan, including your Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives, Strategies, and Priorities that fits on a single sheet of paper. An effective plan will not only improve the quality of life for all of your stakeholders, it will allow you to develop leaders throughout your organization. Most importantly, it will help you grow your business by better serving your customers, employees, and business owners.

I worked with Joe Calhoon for many years at Franklin Covey Company as we developed leaders around the world. Joe was one of our most requested consultants and highest rated keynote speakers. In the past decade since going out on his own, Joe has developed a methodology that helps business leaders plan more efficiently and effectively. The system has proven successful with hundreds of different businesses in dozens of industries.

Most business people, including your competitors, don’t take the time to plan well. It’s a weakness for them—and an opportunity for you. They are rightly concerned that a strategic plan will take days or weeks to develop—and who has that kind of time? Joe’s book solves this problem by capturing the essence of the planning process in a way that takes about an hour of your time.

Before you go on a trip, you determine your destination and plan out the best route. The clearer and more exciting your destination, the greater the likelihood you will have a successful and enjoyable journey. Unfortunately, most businesses lack the joy and energy that comes with having an inspiring destination for their people. They just keep puttering along. But without planning, you lose more than an inspiring goal. Customer service droops, employees disengage, and businesses under perform  In fact, most business failures can be traced to a lack of planning.

My experience in working with businesses around the world has shown that effective organizations create their own futures through the planning process.

The One Hour Plan for Growth allows you to stop and pause for three things that are important (but unfortunately, never urgent): (1) introspection (defining what’s important to you); (2) insight (understanding what’s happening around you); and (3) imagination (visualizing what’s possible for you).

One of the fundamental problems in organizations is a lack of buy-in and engagement. As people mature in their own lives and take on greater meaning, they want significant
The One Hour Plan for Growth encourages and allows for every employee to participate meaningfully and constructively. Our world is moving at an ever-increasing speed. People want quick answers and quick fixes. But what people need are real answers and lasting solutions. This book meets people’s wants and needs. The One Hour Plan for Growth provides a quick introduction to a lifelong leadership tool.nvolvement. Without involvement, there is no commitment. Involvement leads to creative contributions and employee loyalty. The involvement process is just as important as the final written plan.

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