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February 11, 2013

Employee Engagement with Business Growth Planning

According to Gallop research, there are three types of employees in any organizations. Those that are engaged, disengaged, or actively disengaged.

Only 30% of the workforce is engaged. They are the achievers who go the extra mile to make things happen.

Sadly, 55% of the workforce is disengaged. They are coasters who simply put in their time.

The smallest group, 15% are actively disengaged. They are destroyers who have given up on their dreams. They are often bitter or resentful.

In order to engage the best efforts of today’s workers, we’ve found it very effective to involve your team in this planning process. You can create a plan without the involvement of your team, but you have as much buy in.

Here’s the principal: No involvement. No commitment.

So, how are you involving your team in the business growth process? Let’s continue the conversation. Leave a comment below, post on my Facebook page, or Tweet me @JoeCalhoon.

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