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A Tribute to Stephen R. Covey

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August 2, 2012

My 22 year association with Stephen Richards Covey in our quest to “release human potential”, has been one of life’s greatest experiences. Stephen was an extraordinary human being in so many ways. He was wise, caring and encouraging. He had a great sense of humor. And, as a man of faith, Stephen had a unique […]

Are YOU Showing Them the Love? Employee Satisfaction Made Easy

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February 1, 2012

“Who, being loved, is poor?” ~Oscar Wilde As we celebrated Valentine’s Day, I was reminded of how we should show love to all the people around us on a daily basis, especially our co-workers. This leads us to a book, by Donald Clifton and Tom Rath called How Full Is Your Bucket?, that encourages all of us to say and do things […]