Are YOU Showing Them the Love? Employee Satisfaction Made Easy

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February 1, 2012

“Who, being loved, is poor?” ~Oscar Wilde

As we celebrated Valentine’s Day, I was reminded of how we should show love to all the people around us on a daily basis, especially our co-workers.

This leads us to a book, by Donald Clifton and Tom Rath called How Full Is Your Bucket?, that encourages all of us to say and do things that increase people’s positive emotions.

The book builds upon a Gallup Survey that delivers staggering results from 4 million people in 10,000 different business units.

Employees that receive regular recognition and praise…

     …Improve Productivity

     …Increase Customer Satisfaction               

     …Enhance Engagement Among Co-Workers 

…All from being praised and recognized (loved) on a regular basis.

Here’s a quick exercise to frame your communication when praising/recognizing a co-worker.

Tell them:

  • What they did. (Be specific.)
  • Why you appreciate it. (Be specific.)
  • How it helps your organization. (Be specific.)

“The #1 reason people leave their jobs: they don’t feel appreciated.” ~Clifton and Rath

Show Them the love and an increase in employee satisfaction will follow! 

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